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Deborah Hull

After having spent the past five years working in theatre in education and applied theatre, I began studying part time on the MA in Drama and Theatre Education in September 2004. I initially wondered where I would find the time to fit in studying around a demanding full time job or how I would fare after a break from academia of more than ten years? However I needn't have worried as what I discovered was contrary to my fears - studying on the course has really invigorated my practice and brought me new understandings of what I do as well as new perspectives on what other opportunities exist within drama and theatre education. The course has given me a whole new language by which to talk about my work and has inspired me with new ideas and a fresh impetus.

I live in Birmingham and travelled through to the university to attend the lectures and workshops. Despite not living on campus and having relatively limited contact with my fellow students, they were always friendly and supportive. Several came to watch the work of my company, or used mine and my colleague's practice as the basis for their research. There was a genuine desire to share practice, exchange ideas and mutually and co-operatively learn.

I felt hugely supported by the tutors whilst studying on the course and was made to feel that my own tacit understandings were valued. I found it relatively easy to find ways of integrating my practice with the course theory, allowing me to both draw on my own experiences as well as push the boundaries of what I knew.

In short the experience of studying at Warwick was demanding and rigorous, inspiring and rewarding and most of all great fun¡Kwho knows I may be back one day to study for a PhD!

(2006 Graduate, from England)