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Sabina, Li-yu Chang

My learning experience in Drama and Theatre Education at Warwick has broadened my perspective and opened my eyes to more possibilities for teaching English as a foreign/second language and promoting whole-person education. From the MA course here, I learned how to use drama to facilitate students' language learning, enrich their imagination and develop their true essence as a human being. The various topics and issues introduced by lecturers and guest speakers were indeed food for thought. Their workshops also enhanced my understanding of theories and equipped me with practical skills to applying drama in educational contexts. My colleagues and I absolutely had a fruitful year in terms of what we learned in classes, theatre trips, school visits, and running our own workshops. In addition, we were able to learn a great deal from each other because of the challenging and highly rewarding group drama projects which fostered a warm friendship among us as well.

I enjoyed this once-in-a-life-time experience so much that I decided to stay at Warwick to pursue my PhD studies right after finishing my MA programme. I am now working on integrating educational drama and storytelling into teaching children English as a foreign language. The supervision I have received has been of very high quality and superbly helpful. It doesn't get any better than this!

(2005 Graduate, from Taiwan)

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