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Tota Panagiotou

I am one of those fortunate people that had the chance to spend last year at Warwick University, studying Drama and Theatre Education. I don't really have the words to describe the unforgettable moments I experienced as a member of the MA drama class. I had great lecturers that really loved what they were doing, that taught from heart and were the kind of teachers I really want to be. My classmates, that soon became my friends, were from all over the world. Their diverse cultural and drama experiences enriched my understanding of drama.

Having the pleasure of being a primary school teacher, at the beginning of the course I felt a bit uncomfortable, since I didn't have an acting background, but I soon realized that being an actor is not what you need to teach drama at school. The MA course is made for teachers. This year I did practice drama in my own class and I saw how much more enthusiastic about the lesson I and the children were.

From all aspects, my Master course was a life experience and I can really 'hear' my classmates say the same thing. I hope it will be the same for you!

(2005 Graduate, from Cyprus)