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Postgraduate Modules

All Postgraduate Courses have at least one core module. Core modules can be found in the Course Descriptor Pages and you will be asked to select your optional modules once you arrive. Below is an example of the optional modules that we have to give you an idea of what may be available. Please note, not all optional modules are available to all programmes; and modules are reviewed each year and are subject to change and availability

IE9E7-30 Critical Study; Education
IE927-60 Dissertation - please note that there will be different dissertation routes available, depending on the course of study
IE925-30 Drama and Theatre Studies in Theory and Practice
IE923-30 Drama and Literacy
EQ903-30 Early Intervention
EQ936-20 Education and Society
EQ930-30 Education for Sustainable Development
EQ924-30 Enacting Global Education and International Development (Professional Placement)
IE909-30 Foundation Research Methods in Education
EQ934-30 Foundations of Islamic Education
IE9M1-30 Inter Faith Dialogue for Young People
EQ905-30 Intercultural Approaches to Childhood
IE903-20 Leading Educational Change and Improvement
EQ937-30 New Perspectives in Islamic Pedagogy
IE902-60 Professional Research Project (Research Methods and Critical Enquiry)
IE921-60 Research Methods and Dissertation for Drama and Theatre Education
IE9P7-60 Research Methods and Dissertation (with a Drama and ELT focus)
EQ925-30 Research Methods in Psychology and Education
EQ927-20 Special Educational Needs and Evidence Based Practices
IE924-30 The Role of Story in Drama and Theatre Education
EQ935-20 The Young Child in Context
EQ923-20 Understanding Global Education and International Development

Modules that are also available online for part time students

EQ906-30 Leading Educational Change and Improvement (Online)
EQ939-30 Education and Society (Online)
IE9H5-30 Foundation Research Methods in Education (Online)