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Course Structure- BA Education Studies

The Education Studies degree will deepen your understanding of how education is delivered, evaluated and reformed within today’s world. You will be encouraged to think critically about how curriculums and teaching and learning practices are conceived and constructed and whose experience of the world they patronise and/or distort. You will develop your knowledge of contemporary educational policy at both global and local levels.

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Our degree has a flexible and interdisciplinary structure. Our students can follow a general pathway through the degree or they can choose to specialise in one of three pathways.

Pathway 1: The Psychology of Learning – With an emphasis on how psychological theory is applied within formal education and special needs policy and practice, this pathway supports students in exploring the questions ‘How do human beings learn?’ And, ‘What teaching and learning practices can help learners overcome barriers to learning?’

Pathway 2: The Social and Political Impacts of Education – This pathway focuses on the social impacts of conceiving education according to particular political and theoretical ideologies. It will explore questions such as: How fair is education today? To what extent are global narratives affecting local schooling? Are educational inequalities increasing or decreasing?

Pathway 3: Education, Culture and Creativity – This pathway focuses on informal education experiences, such as youth theatres, sports participation, carnivals and religious festivals, and looks at how the concepts of culture and identity impact on learning. The pathway explores questions such as: Is it essential that the Arts are represented in curriculums? Can creativity be taught? How does a school approach teaching tolerance and respect for those with different faiths and beliefs?

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3 (Optional Year Abroad)
Theories of Learning (Core) Research Methods (Core)
Final Year
Education Today (Core) Disputes and Debates (Core) 21st Century Educational Innovation (Core)
Foundations for Learning (Core) Globalisation and Education (Core) Individual Research Project (Core)
International Education (Core) Work-based Placement (Core)  Sample Optional Modules
Social Contexts of Childhood and Education (Core) Philosophy in Education (Optional Core 18/19)  

Creativity, Culture and Learning (Core)

Practices of Learning (Core)

Shadows and Lies: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education (Core)

Education, race and ethnicity: inequalities in Europe (Optional Core 18/19)

Work-based Study (Non Placement)

  Sample Optional Modules