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Work Based Placement

Year 2
Core Module BA Education Studies
Term 1
10 Weeks
2 Hour Seminar plus minimum 15 hours on work placement
1500 Word Assignment, Online Portfolio, Presentation

What is this module about?

This module gives you the opportunity to hone your professional skills and career aspirations through an education-based work-based placement. In taught sessions you will explore the professional characteristics of organisations who work with children, young people and their families in an educational capacity. This will include investigating the staffing and leadership structures of example organisations, their policies, their modes of work, professional roles and conduct. In addition, the role of reflective practice in professional development will be examined from both theoretical and practical angles. You will be given support with organising your placement, which can be in a location of your choice (however, approval must be gained from the module leader who must see a clear connection between the work of your chosen organisation and the concept of ‘education’) or may be based with one of CES’ key partners. CES placement partners consist of organisations that deliver both formal and informal education in a variety of contexts (i.e. schools, hospitals, charities, children’s centres, sports organisations, youth theatres, community organisations)