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Fathers’ involvement in their children’s education during the Coronavirus lockdown

Researchers in Education Studies at the University of Warwick are running a project about fathers’ involvement in their children’s education, with a particular focus on home-schooling during the Coronavirus lockdown and it's potential ongoing impact on patterns of father-school involvement.

To date, there has been little detailed research about fathers’ involvement in their children’s education, especially with a focus on how families organise responsibilities for paid employment, domestic work and tasks tied to children’s schooling and their broader educational development.

The closure of school buildings during the UK’s recent Coronavirus lockdown has meant that millions of parents have had to combine home-schooling with their own paid and household work roles. In that context, this research seeks to understand more about how father’s see their role when it comes to their children’s education.

The aim is that by gathering fathers’ views, this research can provide guidance to schools and other organisations involved with families so they can design and deliver services that work best for and with fathers.

You can read a brief overview of the initial findings in this Dad Blog UK post.

There are plans to develop a second phase of the project during the 21/22 academic year, exploring whether the experience of home-schooling had a lasting impact on fathers’ involvement in their children’s schooling/education.

Thanks for your interest and support,

Dr Mark Pulsford