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Project design

Mitigation and Adjustment for Doctoral Education(MADE)

Key research activity for the institutional case study of Warwick:

Literature review of existing scholarship on doctoral education and Reasonable Adjustments (RAs) and Mitigating Circumstances (MCs)

Policy review of existing policy documents relevant to doctoral education and RAs/MCs (beginning institutionally, and then within UK)

Data collection across Warwick stakeholders:

(i) Key informant interviews (semi-structured) with key Warwick staff stakeholders at the 'central' level (c. 10-15)

(ii) Focus group discussions (FGDs) with three different groups: a) doctoral students; b) supervisors and c) Directors of doctoral programmes, Senior tutors etc. (c.4-6/FGD x 2 of each grouping)

(iii) ‘Story of my viva’ (narrative, retrospective interviews) with former Warwick doctoral students who have completed their studies and who had RAs (c.10-15)

    Timeline (2023-24)
    Phase 1 (Dec-Jan 2024) Project set-up activities
    Phase 2 (Jan-April 2024)

    Literature review; analysis of policies; Advisory Board; ethics application; data collection; data processing and preliminary analysis

    Phase 3 (April-May 2024)

    Data analysis; development of outputs

    Phase 4 (June 2024): Draft report and final advisory board
    Phase 5 (July 2024): Project wrap-up & final report/outputs