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Research Advisory Board

The membership of the advisory board is comprised of key stakeholders in the PGR administration and doctoral supervision space at Warwick, as well as representatives drawn widely from across the University: one each of DPGR, PO, supervisor and PGR student.

  • Dr Olympia Palikara – Advisory Board Chair. Co-Director of PGR, Department of Education Studies
  • Youn Affagee - PGR student, WMG.
  • Dr Deborah Biggerstaff - Supervisor, Medical School
  • Dr Dan Branch – Academic Director of the Doctoral College, Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies.
  • Dr Ross Forman – Director of PGR, English.
  • Dr Letitzia Gramaglia – Director of WIHEA/Head of ADC
  • Rhiannon Martyn – Head of the Doctoral College
  • Janet Smith – PGR Programme Officer, Sociology.