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Closing the Gap: Raising Achievement for Disadvantaged Pupils

These two evaluation and research projects, commissioned by Warwickshire County Council and Peterborough Council Council emerged from the Closing the Gap initiative and Department for Education report: Supporting the Attainment of Disadvantaged pupils: Articulating Success and Good Practice

Ian Abbott, David Middlewood and Sue Robinson

The purpose of this research was to identify the most effective strategies employed by schools to raise the attainment levels and close the gap in attainment of disadvantaged children.

Previous research has shown that there are schools doing the same activities but achieve different levels of success. The difference is how they do it not what they do. It could be argued that leadership and the culture of a school plays a key role in success which is further explored in the research reports and findings.

Read the final project reports here:
Warwickshire County Council
Peterborough City Council