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Gender and theorists

You may have spotted that the history of social theory and its theorists is rather male dominated. A reflection of a patriarchal society perhaps, or simply just the way things were. Whatever your feelings about gender, it is hard to ignore its presence in modern academia and particularly in social thought.

If you feel your chosen theories are lacking a gender balance, or your thesis is in need of some critical gender analysis, try this bold introduction to Feminist Theory as a starting point. It is written for students of English Literature and Cultural History, bus is a useful starting point for researchesr from all disciplines as it introduces a few key feminist concepts and thinkers, as well as some less well known ideas.

Don't miss the link to the corresponding PDF at the bottom of the page, as this includes the lecture notes to accompany the Prezi as well as seminar questions and reading lists.

Nadine Muller is Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University. Her research covers Victorian and neo-Victorian literature and culture, contemporary women’s fiction, and cultural histories of women, gender, and feminism from the nineteenth century through to the present day.

The Literature Map: an example using feminist theories and gender studies

[Heather] This is as close as I can get to how I imagine the literature map working. Ideally there would be embedded links and a way to track to the section you want rather than having to go through the whole presentation (more like how the Prezi editing tools work).