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Slippery Fish: Community.

Information and resources for theorising your research.

Would you like to investigate theory and theorising further? There is much more to see and read and opportunities to take part in a conversation about theory.

Blogs: we have our own blog for research students at Warwick at PhD life and we quite like this one on social theory at the LSE (e.g.A Love Letter to Bourdieu)

Books of the Century: International Sociological Association's list of the most influential books of the 21st Century.

Brain Pickings: engaging web site on literary, cultural and social science matters produced (how does she find the time?) by Maria Popova.

Global Social Theory: provides an introduction to a variety of theorists and theories from around the world.

Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy: Provides detailed, scholarly information on key topics and philosophers.

‘The Pedagogy of Methodological Learning’ is looking at how are advanced social science research methods taught and learned?’ The website is here.

Social Theory Applied: An online forum that offers the practitioner/researcher a suitable space to assist their acquisition, understanding and application of social theory. Examples include Theory as method: the importance of Foucault in my doctoral research; Me, My PhD and my grumbles about Actor Network Theory; My personal take on social theory; Using Bourdieu in my PhD on Parental Influence

The Sociological Imagination: Does what is says - contains discussion, podcasts, blogs about sociological theory.