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Project Events and Outputs for 'In Two Places at Once'

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Henderson, E. F. (2021). ‘How short is too short? Exploring diary study duration from the perspective of researching conferences and other short-term phenomena in higher education and beyond’, in Cao, X. and Henderson, E. F. (Eds.) (2021). Exploring Diary Methods in Higher Education Research: Opportunities, Choices and Challenges. SRHE series, Routledge. [View]

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Forthcoming Events

Invitations welcome!

Past Events

  • Im|mobile lives in turbulent times: Methods and Practices of Mobilities Research’ Virtual Conference, Northumbria University, 8-9 July, 2021

‘Care on the move: Using diary method to capture academic-carers’ experiences of attending conferences’

  • Centre for Families Research Annual Conference, Edinburgh University (June 2020, paper accepted, conference cancelled due to COVID-19)

‘Sticky care and conference travel: Unpacking care as an explanatory factor for gendered academic immobility’

  • British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Aston University (April 2020, paper accepted, conference cancelled due to COVID-19)

‘Sticky care and conference travel: Unpacking care as an explanatory factor for gendered academic immobility’

  • School of Education Seminar Series, University of Glasgow (invited speaker), June 2019

‘Sticky Care and Academic Mobility: Discursive Constructions of Distance for Conference Travel’

  • 'Caring responsibilities and conferences' workshop at 'Who cares? The (in)visibility of caring responsibilities and working in Geography' Syposium, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, 10 January 2019

This was an invited workshop at an event on care and careers in geography. The workshop involved a short introduction to the project and a discussion of the ways in which the project resonated with attendees.

  • Project presentation for the Warwick Working Parents Network, University of Warwick, 9 January 2019

This was an invited contribution to the Working Parents Network lunchtime meeting, who were interested to hear about the project.

  • ‘The Inaccessibility of ‘International’ Conferences: Hidden Inequalities in the Academic Profession’, SRHE (Society for Research into Higher Education) Annual Conference, 5-7 December 2018

This presentation was part of a symposium on inequalities in the academic career and focused on the ways in which international conferences pose more of an issue for academics with caring responsibilities.

  • ‘Capturing the minutiae of mobility: using diary method to research the conference experiences of academics with caring responsibilities’, SRHE (Society for Research into Higher Education) Annual Conference, 5-7 December 2018

This presentation was part of a panel on diary method in higher education research, and focused on the benefits and challenges of using diary method to research short-term, intense phenomena.

  • ‘Academic Career and Life: Balancing Career Development and Caring Responsibilities’ Symposium, UCL, London, 20th June 2018, ‘Conferences: representative or extreme examples of care-free academia?’

At this event the 'In Two Places at Once' research was positioned alongside presentations on work-life balance and gender and on institutional mechanisms for supporting carers, with the aim of stimulating further discussion and change at UCL.

  • 'In Two Places at Once: Dissemination Symposium', University of Warwick, 12th June 2018.

The symposium included:

- A presentation to share the findings and recommendations from the project, where the project report and briefing documents were launched.

- A panel where academics with caring responsibilities discussed their experiences of attending conferences.

- An interactive workshop session to consider how to translate the recommendations into action.

- A discussion panel where representatives from academic associations and higher education institutions responded to the issues that arise from the earlier sessions.

The symposium was supported by Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Warwick, Warwick Institute for Advanced Studies, and Centre for the Study of Women and Gender.

  • Project seminar at CHEER (Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research), University of Sussex, 30th April 2018, ‘In Two Places at Once: Time, Subjectivity and the Academic Profession - Caring Responsibilities and Conference Participation’.

This seminar focused on the theorisation of time, subjectivity and academia that underpinned the project, and presented findings and analysis. The slides are available here, and a filmed version of the presentation is available here.

  • Seminar at the University of Warwick's Centre for Education Studies research methods seminar series, Wednesday 24 January, 'The Minutiae of Mobility: Researching Academics’ Caring Responsibilities in Space and Time.'

This presentation focused on the research approach for collecting time-use data at conferences, including the design and implementation of the time-log data collection tool that was developed for the project.

  • Presentation at the Russell Group Equality Forum, hosted by University of Warwick, London, 15 January 2018: 'Academics with caring responsibilities: institutional obstacles, enablers and responsibilities for fair access to conferences'

This was an invited presentation to share findings from the research project at the forum where equality and diversity managers from Russell Group universities meet to discuss strategies and policies for inclusion.

  • Paper at 'Materialities & Mobilities' Conference, University of Oxford, Monday 8 January: 'In Two Places at Once: Academics with Caring Responsibilities, Conference Mobility, and the Role of Communication Devices' (#materialities #I2PO)

This presentation focused on the findings and analysis from the project that relate to the materialities of care and conferences, in particular practices of checking and using communication devices to enact care remotely.

  • Lunchtime lecture on 8 November for the UCL PACT (Parents And Carers Together) network, London: "‘In Two Places at Once’: Work, Travel and Caring Responsibilities"

To what extent does the concept of ‘professionalism’ allow space for caring responsibilities, in higher education institutions and the workplace more generally? This talk addresses the question of how being at work intersects with ongoing caring responsibilities, in particular for roles where work-related travel is an expectation or obligation.

  • Project workshop at the FWSA Biennial Conference, 6-8 September 2017, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow: "In two places at once: A workshop on conferences and/with caring responsibilities"

This interactive workshop included an introduction to the project, an opportunity to complete the project's time-log research instrument for the FWSA conference, and an activity which involved producing a visual representation of conferences and caring responsibilities.

  • Feminisms, Gender and Sexuality Seminar Series, UCL Institute of Education, 5th July 2017

‘In Two Places at Once: Constructing Time and Subjectivity for Research on Academics with Caring Responsibilities’

This seminar focused on the construction of time and subjectivity that underpins the project, and the research process that has resulted from the project’s conceptual underpinnings. View slides

  • 'In Two Places at Once: Conferences and Caring Responsibilities - Early Findings Event'

London (SRHE, near King's Cross Station), 4th July 2017, 1pm-4pm

Following lunch and introductions, the event began with a presentation by Dr Marie-Pierre Moreau (Roehampton), who situated the ‘In Two Places at Once’ project in the wider research on academia and care. Dr Moreau is also a member of the Stakeholder Group for the project. Dr Emily Henderson (University of Warwick, project PI) then presented early findings from the project. This was followed by responses from some of the members of the Stakeholder Group, and a discussion.


'Performing mobile academic subjectivities in neoliberal times: is care an equity issue?' - Marie-Pierre Moreau (Roehampton) View slides Download podcast

'"In Two Places at Once": Academics, Care Constellations and the Challenges of Attending Conferences' - Emily F Henderson (University of Warwick) View slides Download podcast

Project Resources

Blog Posts

  • 'Organising, funding and participating in care-friendly conferences' (18 February 2019, Conference Inference) view

  • 'Safe Travels? Academic Caregivers and the Mobility Imperative' (29 November 2018, Together Science Can, with Marie-Pierre Moreau) view
  • 'Conferences and Complex Care Constellations' (17 July 2017, Conference Inference) view
  • 'Overwhelming Care – Reflections on Recruiting for the ‘In Two Places at Once’ Research Project' (8 May 2017, Conference Inference) view
  • 'Conferences and Caring Responsibilities – Individual Delegates, Multiple Lives' (13 March 2017, Conference Inference) view

eh_presentation.jpgEarly Findings Event, 4 July 2017

Visual by FWSA workshop participants

Visual by FWSA workshop participants, 7 September 2017