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"In Two Places at Once" Stakeholder Group

Stakeholder Group members respond at 4th July Findings Event

A key facet of the "In Two Places at Once" research project is the Stakeholder Group, which is comprised of representatives of academic associations who organise conferences, and researchers who work on issues of care and academia.

The role of the Stakeholder Group is to ensure that the project is producing information which can be put to use in a practical sense by academic communities and conference organisers, as well as higher education institutions. They are consulted at key stages of the project, including research design, call for participants, early findings and dissemination.

Stakeholder Group members:

Research expertise representative

Marie-Pierre MoreauMarie-Pierre Moreau, Reader in Sociology of Education and Director of the RISE research centre (Research in Inequalities, Societies and Education), University of Roehampton
Since 2010, I have researched the relationship between care and academia, starting with student parents and moving on more recently to academics who have caring responsibilities.

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BAICE: British Association for International and Comparative Education

Alison BucklerAlison Buckler, Research Fellow, Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies, The Open University
As a full-time academic researching international education, I regularly attend conferences and go on work trips. Often these are in Sub-Saharan Africa, which means long periods away from my two pre-school children. I have found the Open University to be extremely supportive of a positive work-life balance – both through specific policies and through the institutional culture in my department. But I had never before considered that conferences could be more sensitive to people with caring responsibilities. I am the BAICE (British Association of International and Comparative Education) representative on the project advisory group. BAICE organises conferences for academics and postgraduate students, as well as other events such as international writers’ workshops. I am really interested in how we can better facilitate participation and engagement of parents and carers.

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CHEER: Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (University of Sussex)

Emily DanversEmily Danvers, Co-director of the Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER) at the University of Sussex
As a research centre, we are committed to understanding the practices and cultures of higher education and how they might create and reproduce inequities. This project is a really important step in recognising the complex and diverse lives of those studying and working in universities, and how what takes place outside the academy is critical in shaping the ability to access the experiences and opportunities a career in higher education provides.

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FWSA: Feminist and Women's Studies Association, UK and Ireland

Emily Falconer, Lecturer, Westminster University Emily Falconer

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SRHE: Society for Research into Higher Education

Rob GreshamRob Gresham, Operations Manager for the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)
At SRHE, we run a large annual conference for researchers in the field of higher education research, as well as number of smaller seminars and events throughout the year. I would like to make sure we are doing all we can to enable those with caring responsibilities to fully participate in our conferences and events.

View the SRHE website.

GEA: Gender and Education Association

Vanita SundaramVanita Sundaram, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of York
I am the conference lead for the Gender and Education Association executive committee and am interested in ways that the association can facilitate the attendance and full participation of members with caring responsibilities. As a parent of two young children myself, I am acutely aware of the barriers to attendance, in relation to a number of issues such as conference timing, childcare facilities, and social events.

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Jenna Ward AoMO: The Art of Management and Organization

Jenna Ward, Senior Lecturer in HRM & Organisational Behaviour, De Montfort University

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The Stakeholder Group met on 4th July to discuss early findings and dissemination ideas for the project:

SG Meeting 4th July