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Dr Sean Neill

Job Title
Visiting Academic
Education Studies
024 7652 3836
Web Link
Research Interests

Children and education; Evolutionary psychology; Non-verbal communication; Animal behaviour; Classroom interaction; Education in traditional societies; Affective education; Educational policy; Quantitative methods; IT and education; influences on attitudes to religious education.


Sean Neill originally studied animal behaviour before researching adolescent fighting; he has carried out a wide range of observational and questionnaire research on classroom behaviour, most recently for WRERU. He specialises in quantitative analysis and the function of behaviour.

Title Funder Award start Award end
Socrates - EBuildit EU 01 Oct 2005 30 Sep 2008
Leonardo Da Vinci - via University of Molise Formequip-Aitpe 01 Oct 2004 30 Sep 2006
Preparatory Visit for Centralised Actions EU 16 Dec 2004 21 Dec 2004