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Professor David Tall

Job Title
Institute of Education
01926 856728
Research Interests

The development of mathematical thinking from child to mathematician; Symbols as process and concept; Embodiment of mathematical ideas; Use of the computer for conceptual understanding; theoretical developments in 'Three Worlds of Mathematics'; currently consultant with APEC Lesson Study Project.


Wellingborough Grammar School 1952-1960 Wadham College Oxford, 1960-1966 University of Sussex, 1966-1969 University of Warwick, Mathematics 1969-1979 Science Education then Education 1979-2006 Emeritus Professor 2006-

  • Tall, David, Mejia-Ramos, Juan Pablo, 2010. The long-term cognitive development of reasoning and proof. Conference on Explanation and Proof in Mathematics - Philosophical and Educational Perspectives, Essen, Germany, Nov 2006, Published in Explanation and Proof in Mathematics: Philosophical and Educational Perspectives, pp. 137-149