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Milena Cuccurullo


PhD student, GTA- Department of Philosophy

Italy is my home country and the place where I developed my passion for philosophy. From my first year in university to graduation, I attended lectures and seminars of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies in Naples. My love for European culture took me to study in Germany first and, then, in UK. Next to my mother tongue, which is Italian, I can speak therefore German and English. As a student, back in Italy, I worked many years in a small publishing house that promoted philosophical research and, more broadly, the Humanities. Politics is also among my interests, especially in the sense of an active citizenship. With a group of friends, I founded in Naples a society for political studies and civic engagement. My research project in philosophy of education at Warwick focuses on accountability policies in relation to teaching quality in higher education. I am committed to challenge a managerialist view of teaching and learning, beyond the rhetoric of success and professionalisation. I have just started a new part-time job as a GTA in the department of philosophy.

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Research Areas

Higher Education, Teaching Quality, Philosophy, Hermeneutics

Research Projects

I have worked as a Research Assistant at the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE)


Poster presentation: “30 years of accountability policies in Higher Education. A philosophical Appraisal”. PESGB Annual conference, Oxford, 30th March 2023

Cuccurullo, M., (2022) Babel is Us: Self, Grief and Surrender in a Film of Iñarritu. Record of Clinical-Philosophical Pedagogy, 16: 64-70

Cuccurullo, M., Kang, Y. (2021) Finding the Self beyond the Threat of Loss. Re-watching Shoplifters and This is England with Cavell and Gadamer. Record of Clinical-Philosophical Pedagogy, 15: 55-63