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Mohammed Adly Gamal


PhD student

Mohammed Adly Gamal is a PhD student at the Department of Education Studies at the University of Warwick and a holder of the Chancellor's International Scholarship. His research seeks to investigate how Islamic schools in England educate their students to be responsible and good citizens within their pluralistic liberal society, all while imparting the doctrinal and moral principles of Islam. Before embarking on his PhD journey, Mohammed was an Islamic Studies and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teacher in IB international schools. His research interest lies in exploring the dialectical relationship between the secular and Islamic philosophies of education and how they are co-constitutive within Muslim communities.



MA in Educational Studies (with distinction) Keele University

PGCE (International) Keele University

BA Arabic language and Islamic Studies, Dar Al-Ulum, Cairo University


Arabic, English and French (B1)

Research Areas

Islamic education, citizenship education, civic virtue, moral education.


Adly Gamal, M., 2021. 'Developing a reflexive teaching identity in a cross-cultural teaching context: The experience of Islamic Studies in an international school in Qatar'. In Teacher training and education in the GCC: Unpacking the complexities and challenges of internationalizing educational contexts. Edited By Naved Bakali & Nadeem Memon, published by Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield).

Adly Gamal, M., 2020. Teaching Islam in an international school: A Bourdieusian analysis. Religions, 11(7), p.338.

Conference Presentations

May 2020: ‘The Identity Construction of Local Teachers in International Schools as exemplified in the Qatari Case’. Accepted (not presented due to COVID19) in the annual conference of Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Western University, Canada

July 2018: ‘Islamic teachers' Identity construction in International Schools through the Bourdieusian lens’. A paper presented at the international conference of the Bourdieu study group within the British Sociological Association, Lancaster University, UK.

August 2016: ‘Enhance creativity in teacher education through the interdisciplinary approach and co-teaching’. A paper presented at the International Conference of Creative University, Aalborg University, Denmark.

June 2016: ‘Applying Habermas’s theory of communicative action in teaching Islam to construct a tolerant Middle East’. A paper presented at Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2016), University of Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario.

January 2016: ‘The predicament of the educational policies in the Arab world and the need for emancipatory pedagogy’. A paper presented at Liberal Arts International Conference ‘Crossing Disciplines, Crossing Borders’, Texas A&M University at Qatar.

Awards Received During Doctoral Studies

Warwick Chancellors' International Scholarship