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Education Studies Undergraduate Induction 21/22


All Students- please ensure that you complete enrolment by Monday 18th October

Overseas Students- please complete the Student Arrival Details form by Friday 10th September

Hello and welcome to the Department of Education Studies! We are looking forward to getting to know you and meet you soon. On this page you will find information to help you prepare for the start of your studies with us, including information about Welcome Week events and any pre-reading you might like to do. Keep checking this page regularly for any new information that we add.

Education Studies Undergraduate Events in Welcome Week

Please remember to visit the Welcome Week pages for your links to these events.

Tuesday 28th September

10:00-11:00 Welcome to BA Education Studies

13:00-13:30 IT Induction

15:00-16:00 Introduction to the Library and Student Opportunities at Warwick for Education Studies undergraduate students

Wednesday 29th September

10:00-11:30 Studying Education at Warwick

13:00-14:00 Active Bystander workshop

Thursday 30th September

10:00-11:00 Finding Your Way: Knowing your Community and Environment in R0.21 Ramphal Building (grid reference F5/G5 on the campus map)

11:00-14:00 University and Education Studies Orientation

14:00-15:30 Mapping and Celebrating Experiences

These are face to face events for those who are able to attend in person- don't forget to bring a pen, a facemask, and a coat or umbrella!

Group 1 – All undergraduate students (begin promptly at 10am, finish at 1.30pm) 

Welcome / introductory talk with Cheryl Cane introducing DSEP role and the Education Studies Community (assisted by Jen Kitchen and other staff)


Group 1 Welcome / intro

Group 1 students to arrive from 9.45am (to start at 10am)

Morning Session - 10-10.30am

(Group 1 then released via upstairs doors to move outside and gather into groups. Jen Kitchen to oversee groups and hand out Welcome tasks. Groups carry out welcome tasks 10.30-11.30 followed by taking a lunch break 11.30-12.30)

Students invited back to Lecture theatre for 12.45 to meet with Director of UG


Returners meeting with Mark Pulsford – UG 2nd and 3rd year choosing to attend 12.15 – 12.45





Group 1 students’ reflection on Warwick Values and community building



Friday 1st October

10:00-11:00 Community Get Together

This is an online catch-up for those who are not able to attend Thursday's in person events

Pre-Course Reading List

Below are a few books you could read prior to joining us (though please note that it is not compulsory to do so!). When you enrol you will be given library access to print and electronic copies of the latest editions of these books (and many more!), so if you're considering buying any of these texts before you arrive, please note that older editions would be fine to get you started - these are so much cheaper and entirely suitable.

Bartlett, S. and Burton, D., 2016. Introduction to education studies. Sage.

Curtis, W., Ward, S., Sharp, J and Harkin, L. (eds) (2013) Education Studies: An Issue Based Approach, (3rd Edition). Learning Matters

Gray, C. and MacBlain, S., 2015. Learning theories in childhood. Sage.

Abbott, I., Rathbone, M. and Whitehead, P., 2012. Education policy. Sage.

Bailey, R. ed., 2014. The philosophy of education: An introduction. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Staying Safe at Warwick

The link above tells you more about the University of Warwick's Coronavirus guidelines. Within the Department of Education Studies, we encourage all of our students and staff to be respectful of and sensitive to each other’s wishes or needs, and to be cautious with Covid-19 practices. This means that we keep 1.5 metres distance from each other, and wear a face covering, both when seated in teaching spaces, study and work areas, and in offices; and when moving around the building. We also ask all students and staff to take regular lateral flow tests.

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, you can find more information about the Sunflower Lanyard scheme for people with hidden disabilities.

First Year Undergraduate Timetable for 2021/22 (Term 1) will be available in September

Please note that in Year 1 all modules are core (compulsory) for everyone on the BA Education Studies, in Years 2 and 3 you will be able to choose options which reflect your interests both inside and outside the department. You will be allocated to one group for each module towards the end of Welcome Week.

The timetables for Terms 2 and Term 3 will be released after October.

Warwick Students' Union

Warwick Students’ Union (SU) is a democratically run, student-led charity and a separate organisation from the University of Warwick. Upon enrolling at Warwick, every student automatically becomes a member of the SU and has access to the range of services they provide, including democracy, academic representation, student activities, welfare and entertainment. There are many different ways for students to get involved at the SU, which can support and enhance their experience whilst at Warwick. The concept of a Students’ Union may be new to you, so please go to or contact the SU on for more information.