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EQ111-15 Academic Identity and Skills

Department Education Studies

Level Undergraduate Level 1

Module leader Dr Juliet Raynsford

Credit Value 15

Module duration 20 weeks

Assessment 100% Coursework

Study location University of Warwick main campus, Coventry


This module introduces you to a range of academic scholarship practices and to support you to identify your personal academic study support needs.

Principal Module Aims and Outcomes
  • To introduce students to a range of academic scholarship practices.
  • To support students to identify their personal academic study support needs.
  • People, Place, Passion
    Students will analyse their personal learning journeys, from birth to their arrival at university. A key task is for students to reflect upon what the key influences have been on their learning trajectory to date.
  • Team work & Personality types
    This session examines the role of personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs tests and Belbin's theory of team roles, evaluating the merits of such tests and debate their value as a tool for grouping people.
  • Feedback, Feed-up, Feed-forward
    This session examines techniques in providing and receiving constructive feedback. It provides an overview of where, when and how students will be asked to participate in feedback processes as part of their UG studies. Students are asked to identify what they believe some of the key goals and outcomes of participating in feedback should be.
  • The three 'Rs' - Reflection, Reflexivity & Resilience.
    Students will reflect upon the learning journey they have undertaken during their first term, evaluating how they assess their academic skill development in key areas. This includes being able to analyse and critique materials, being able to write in an appropriate academic tone, among others. As part of this process students will be asked to draw-up a personal academic study skills action plan that clearly outlines what they consider to be their priority areas.
  • Developing effective verbal presentation skills
    Students will explore the marking criteria used by CES to assess UG verbal presentations. Core skills associated with being an effective verbal presenter will be analysed and evaluated. Students will be set the task to plan a short solo presentation.
  • Careers and Employability
    The session will focus upon exploring how the B.A. (Hons) Education Studies course is designed to support students to develop many transferable skills and enhance their employability. Specific reference will be made to preparing students for the second year core module 'Work-based placement'.
  • Revision techniques
    The focus of this session is preparing effectively for exams. Tried and tested techniques will be shared with students and students will be encouraged to reflect on techniques that have been effective for them in the past and share these with peers.
Study Time
Type Required
Lectures 15 sessions of 2 hours (20%)
Private Study 120 hours (80%)
Total 150 hours
Presentation (5 minutes) 10%
Reflective Portfolio (1750 words) 90%