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EQ210-15 and EQ321-15 Arts-Based Learning in Education

Department Education Studies

Level Undergraduate Level 2 and 3

Module leader Cheryl Cane

Credit value 15

Module duration 10 weeks

Assessment 100% coursework

Study location University of Warwick main campus, Coventry


This module will explore the role of arts-based learning within education. It will introduce students to a variety of forms of arts-based learning in order to prepare them to design, implement and reflect on their own arts-based lesson around a topic of their choice.

Principle Module Aims and Outcomes

This module enables students to develop skills in designing arts-based educational learning experiences. This module is particularly suitable for students who may be interested in careers in teaching or as an arts practitioner or facilitator. It will appeal to students interested in those who are interested in exploring the potential for an arts-based pedagogy to develop positive learning environments in a variety of fields.

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of well-established principles of arts-based learning and the ways that these principles and practices have developed in Education.
  • Effectively communicate information, argument and analysis whilst working as a member of a team in the design of an arts-based teaching and learning challenge.
  • Apply underlying concepts, principles and established techniques of arts-based pedagogy to a real-world teaching and learning challenge.
  • Critically evaluate the appropriateness of their response to the teaching and learning challenge, identifying: strengths, limitations, the limits of their own knowledge and potential solutions.
  • Through studying this module, students will be introduced to relevant theories and practices in arts-based education and in teaching and learning through the arts.
  • Students will study a variety of examples of arts-based practice in education drawing on the expertise available within the department and its network of practitioner contacts.
  • Weekly sessions will involve a combination of theory based subject knowledge development and workshop-based practical explorations.
  • Students will be introduced to concepts of reflective practice and they will design an arts-based learning experience for others.
  • The module will build on the department’s relationships with professional arts-practitioners, and local schools, in order to make real-world connections.
Study Time
Type Required
Lectures 10 sessions of 1 hour (7%)
Seminars 10 sessions of 2 hours (13%)
Private study 85 hours (57%)
Assessment 35 hours (23%)
Total 150 hours
  Weighting Study time
Learning through the arts - a critical review 50% 15 hours
This module will be assessed in two parts. The first part of the assessment will take the form of a critical analysis of the potential for arts-based learning using relevant research and example case studies. In this assignment students will make reference to their understanding of relevant values, theories and practices of arts-based learning by analysing the key documents provided (1,000 words).
Arts-based learning in Education project 50% 20 hours
The second part of the assessment (1,000 words) requires an individual written response reflecting on a group arts-based mini-lesson including a rationale for the lesson, a reflection on the process both in and after the lesson, and an evaluation of the strengths and areas for development of the project.
Student Opinions

"The environment created by the group and by our module leader was very positive, non-judgemental and one that enabled a safe-space for exploring arts-based learning." - Wiki, Education Studies BA Undergraduate student.