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Religion and Social Policy in the Middle East

Rana joined CRER in October 2007 as ESRC post-doctoral fellow. She gained her PhD in Social Policy from the University of Nottingham in 2005. Shortly after, she took up a research post at Sussex University working on the State in developing countries and then moved to Cambridge University to research the political participation of Young British Muslims. Rana’s PhD was about the role of religion in social policy in the Lebanon, specifically, how faith-based organisations from all the major sects in Lebanon conceptualise social welfare, design social programmes and evaluate the impact of their services. Rana’s main research interest is to develop the field of research on social policy in the Middle East, and especially on Islamic welfare practices. As part of her post-doc fellowship, she will be conducting new fieldwork (in 2008) in Iran, Egypt and Turkey to expand on her PhD findings. She is currently writing two books (commissioned by the Policy Press and The Social Policy Association) on the subject of religion and social welfare, as well as several journal articles (see publications link). Rana will also be teaching on the new MA course, Islam and Contemporary Society. She is Treasurer of the Social Policy Association (


Religion and Social Welfare in the Middle East: A Lebanese Perspective, Policy Press, Bristol (forthcoming)

Religion and Social Welfare: Key Concepts Uncovered, Understanding Social Welfare Series, Policy Press and Social Policy Association (forthcoming)

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‘Religious Welfare in Lebanon: Treating the Causes or Symptoms of Poverty?’ (Journal of Social Policy – forthcoming)

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‘A Profile of Social Welfare in Lebanon: Assessing the Implications for Social Development Policy’ (2002) in Global Social Policy, vol.2 (3), pp 319-342


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