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The CRER research programme has traditionally focused on research into ethnic relations and racial discrimination in Britain. In recent years, the Centre has developed a strong comparative European dimension to its work, supported by the thriving Marie Curie Fellowship programme. The Centre's research is currently organised around a core research programme comprising four major themes: Migration and Citizenship; Economic Change and Racial Discrimination; Theories of Multiculturalism; and Ethnic Mobilisation and the Nation State.

The Centre also undertakes a wide range of research projects on such issues as changing demographic patterns, ethnic minority health, education, employment, housing, community care and leisure. The Centre's project research programme is sponsored by a wide range of bodies including government departments, health authorities and trusts, local authorities, police and probation services, the private sector, trade unions and the voluntary sector.


CRER is currently pursuing its research themes through a number of diverse projects which include the Muslims in Prisons project with studies taking place in both Britain and France, Community Media: A Comparative Study, European Asylum Policies and Statistics, and Refugees as Social Actors.