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Conference: Women from Muslim Communities and their Engagement in Politics

20th/21st September 2010

IET Birmingham Austin Court
80 Cambridge Street

Birmingham B1 2NP

The purpose of this two-day international conference is to bring together academics who are carrying out research on women from Muslim communities in Britain, France and elsewhere to talk about their work and compare findings. It will also hear from practitioners working in voluntary and statutory sector organisations involving and/or supporting women of Muslim backgrounds and from community activists. The conference will: 

  • focus on the nature and extent of the civic engagement and political participation of women from Muslim communities in Britain, France and elsewhere and on factors inhibiting and/or facilitating this engagement/participation. 
  • provide a space for the exchange of information and ideas; and for networking and collaboration between specialists of gender, ethnic relations, Islam and politics and also between institutions and organisations which work to highlight gender issues and promote women’s rights and empowerment, particularly in relation to women from Muslim backgrounds.

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