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Is there an 'optimum' amount of homework?

Director Adam Boddison asks how much homework is too much on The Conversation UK

Fri 17 Apr 2015, 15:27

Head of Primary Teacher Education Professor Des Hewitt co-authors new book on innovative primary teaching

Professor Hewitt - “Innovation and risk are essential in a good education. Working with schools in England and abroad, it has been fascinating to explore what we can do as teachers to inspire all children.”

Tue 24 Feb 2015, 09:27

"Partnerships with schools are key" Director of Centre for Professional Education writes in The Conversation

Dr Adam Boddison - Director of Centre for Professional Education talks about how the shift from the university-led model of teacher training to one built around partnerships with schools can help add value to trainees. Read the whole article here in The Conversation

Thu 30 Oct 2014, 09:46

Director of CPE speaks on BBC Midlands Today

Dr Adam Boddison, Director of Centre for Professional Education appeared on BBC Midlands Today about partnerships between universities and schools for training teachers.

Fri 26 Sep 2014, 11:57