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Partners' Intranet

Warwick Mentor ResourcesLink opens in a new window

teacher_white_board.jpgHere you will find:

 Online Training for Mentors

 Placement Material

 Link to Essential Documentation

 Evaluation Submission

Coaching Support Documentation

 WaSP Meeting Documentation

 Partnership Bulletins & Communication Archive

 Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Communication


Essential On-Course DocumentationLink opens in a new window

This section contains all of the documentation you will need to
supporting a trainee or trainees throughout their PGCE coursewriting.jpg

Here you will find:

Course Calendars

Assessment Profile Forms


Lesson Observation Forms

Warwick Assessment Descriptors

Assessment Profile Submission

.....and much much more

Partnership Information


Here you will find:

 Information specific to university-led partners

 Information specific to school direct partners

 Placement Activity Timelines

 Sample copy of Collaborative Agreement (School Direct)

PGCE School Direct Admissions Resources (Primary & Secondary)Link opens in a new window


This section includes useful resources and information to aid
PGCE School Direct Partner Schools with the admissions process.

Here you will find:

 Essential Resources (Prior to Interview)

Important Reminders

Marketing Resources

.....and much much more

School Direct Interview Selection Documentation Upload

Warwick Partnership Events & Marketing ResourcesLink opens in a new window



 Here you will find:

Information on upcoming Partnership events

Links to Sign up for events

Resources from Previous Partnership events

Resources for marketing

School Absence Reporting FormLink opens in a new window

Use this form to report any trainee absences from school (Planned or Unplanned)