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Warwick Training Schools

Become a Warwick Training School

Warwick Training Schools Commit to:

  • Providing a 90-day teaching placement (PGCEi) or minimum 120-day teaching placement (PGCE iQTS)
  • Qualified mentor support for the full duration of the placement period
  • Offering the trainee access to all aspects of school life: report-writing, supervision duties, the opportunity to support/run co-curricular activities, parent-teacher consultations and so forth.
  • Involving trainees, as appropriate, in any professional development opportunities available in the school.
  • When hosting multiple trainees, provision of time and facilities for trainees to meet regularly with each other to discuss teaching and learning, their professional challenges and to share experiences.
  • Providing in-school Mentors with time to undertake their role, alongside supporting their commitment to completing Warwick’s online Mentor training.

Benefits to the school

  • An opportunity to become a recognised centre for teacher development.
  • Association and affiliation with The University of Warwick.
  • Access to Warwick-standard trainees as a potential source of teacher recruitment.
  • University certified mentor training
  • Excellent professional development for current staff
    e.g. Complimentary access to the Post Graduate Award in Mentoring

About the International Programmes

To find out more about the international programmes (PGCEi & iQTS) offered by the University of Warwick please visit out International Programme pages

Contact our Partnership Team to discuss how your school can become a Warwick Training School on