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Teacher Education in Tanzania


‘Warwick and DUCE are working together to improve Teacher Education courses, raise standards in University teaching and to further develop the use of research to underpin programmes,’ said Prof Des Hewitt, Head of Primary and Early years’ education at CPE.

‘Warwick has a reputation for excellence and this is spreading to other countries,’ said Jayne Lawrence Head of Administration in CPE.

Twelve Tanzanian lecturers and professors will visit the University of Warwick over the next 12 months to see how Teacher Education has developed so effectively in CPE. They will experience inspirational teaching at the University, share ideas around the curriculum, research and teaching with Warwick colleagues. Top of their list will be to see how schools work so well with the University in partnership.


The University of Warwick Initial Teacher Education programmes were inspected by OFSTED (English government educational inspectors) in 2015-16. They rated primary and secondary provision as outstanding in all aspects. Prof Hewitt said that there is always more to learn in education:

‘Helping others in University Teacher Education, is close to all of our hearts. We all gain so much by learning together about the challenges of Initial Teacher Education around the world.’

Bringing an international slant to Teacher Education really sets set Warwick and DUCE Universities as being innovative and creative in the world of teacher training.