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Training and Placement Details


This page will be in place throughout the term so that you will be able to refer to it if you need this information again.

It contains details regarding:

  • Your placement including the subject you have chosen to teach - You can find out more information about the individual schools from their websites, which are available through most web search engines. You may also look up their OFSTED report at
  • Your study partners name is available here. IF you have "no partner" by this field then this is because we have been unable to timetable you in to a school with another student. This does not mean however that other students are not going into that school just not necessarily at the same time as you.
  • Your training times, plus the room you will be training in (this does not include seminars!) Please note: ALL Wednesday training sessions will initially start in WLT at 5.30pm you will then move out into your individual groups for the rest of the evening.
  • An online version of your Handbook. You will have already been given a physical copy of this handbook in a prior meeting but shoudl you loose your copy or you may wish to print out particular pages etc.. a PDF is available here (PDF Document) Secondary Programme Handbook.

Going to Placement

There are number of helpful online services which can help you to find your school and plan your travel. Search providers such as Google, Bing etc. can help and we provide the address of the school in your placement letter to allow you opportunity to find out about your school in this manner.

All of the schools we use for placement have a comprehensive website with contact emails plus many schools are able to advise on travel. Feel free to ask about travel and directions in your initial contact with the school.

Traveling to your placement can be done through a number of means:

1. By personal transport. e.g. a car. - If you have a car then this is the eaisest option. If you are willing and able to give a lift to your study partner then this woudl be most helpful and help to establish a working relationship. it is also a good way to save fuel thus helping the general environment and saving money.

2. By bus. Coventry has a comprehensive bus system run by providers such as National Express and DeCourcey Travel

Both have journey planners and travel guides available on line. National Express have a specific school bus route listing here

Travel providers also have a number of cost saving tickets and travel arrangements

There is also information regarding Bus services on the University intranet here

PLEASE NOTE! - increases on transport fare often happen in this country on the 1st of January. Please make sure you are aware of the possible increase in ticket prices at this time.

3. By Train. If you are unsure of the trains then a good place to start is National Rail journey planner which will allow you to see how many stops you will need and what sort of time you will need to begin your commute. This site is useful for finding out such details as whether there is a direct train to where you need to be or where you will need to change. e.g. there are direct trains from Leamington to Birmingham. It may also be worth checking to see if you qualify for a rail card. As a student you should have some options regarding this, but you may need to get your paperwork in now! It may also be worth checking at the railway information centre whether there are 3 month passes and other money saving methods of train travel. Even just making sure you book your tickets a couple of weeks before hand can help to alleviate the cost. Local train companies are London Midland, Virgin Trains, Cross Country Trains.

PLEASE NOTE! - increases on transport fare often happen in this country on the 1st of January. Please make sure you are aware of the possible increase in ticket prices at this time.

4. By taxi. If you are unable to get to the school by yourself, either via your own means or public transport then it may be possible for us to book a taxi for you. This service will be paid for through the University but you will be asked to pay up to a maximum of £5 a day towards costs. An itemised invoice will be sent to you at the end of your placement, you will be expected to pay either by cash or cheque. You will NOT be able to pay via electronic means.

If you are in need of a taxi then you will need to contact Mrs Pam Price at and explain your travel requirements. She will then authorise your taxi use. Once your travel has been authorised you then need to contact Miss Jane Allen at, in your email you will need to state:

  1. Where to be picked up from.
    a. If you live outside the Coventry area: Your pick up address inc post code.
    b. if you live in Coventry or halls of residence then you will need to assemble at the drop off bay at car park 14, Westwood campus to be picked up.
    c. ALL drop offs after your placement will be on campus at the drop off bay at car park 14, Westwood campus
  2. A mobile phone number for the taxi company; the drivers can then phone you if there is a problem.
  3. Time you need to arrive at school
  4. The time you will finish your placement. As mentioned previously all drop offs will be on campus at drop off bay at car park 14, Westwood campus
  5. Wherever possible taxis will be booked for groups of students going to the same school. Taxi's booked through the University should not ask you for any money during the journey as they will be paid for by a standard university account – if you are asked for money then phone us immediately on 02476 151059.

If you book a taxi yourself then you will be expected to pay the whole of the costs incurred. The University is not responsible for journeys booked by individuals.

If you require a taxi then you are expected to contact the University as denoted above, bookings can only be made during office hours of (9.30am - 2.30pm Monday - Friday).

We also request that if you require a taxi then you let us know as soon as possible, we require at least 24 hours’ notice (not counting Sat-Sun) for a booking or for any changes to an established timetable, this is so that the taxi company can be informed and the journey confirmed. It is up to you to inform the office of any changes to your timetable in good time.

We also ask that if you are unable to catch the taxi in the morning for whatever reason, or you know in advance that you will not require the taxi then please let us know immediately and if possible inform the taxi company of the situation.

If you change your address at all during the term please can you let us know. We will need your need you new address to give to the taxi company.

If you have any queries then please contact either or