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The best things about being a teacher

A Warwick teacher in an early years setting

5 reasons why you should consider a career in teaching

Counting down…

5. You'll have job security and a competitive salary

Teachers are valued professionals and enjoy a competitive salary, pension and training support amongst other benefits. The starting salary for a newly qualified teacher of at least £28,000 is high compared to other graduate-starting salaries. This is due to increase to £30,000 for teachers in England by 2024. Meanwhile, you might qualify for training bursaries and scholarships of up to £30,000 (depending on the subject, age range and qualifications).

4. You'll enjoy a varied and fun career

No two days of teaching are the same. You'll learn and engage with your students in new and exciting ways every day. Young people are challenging, stimulating and entertaining, and working with them can be great fun. You'll never get bored; each day will bring different tasks, new responses and varied experiences.

3. You can work as creatively as you'd like

Do you love to work creatively? Although teachers have a curriculum to follow, you'll decide what is taught on a daily basis and how it is taught. Teaching will let you be as creative as you need to capture the imagination of your students so they can fully learn in varied ways. You'll also have excellent guidance and training to help you get going and find the way of working that's right for you.

2. You could be that special inspiration to someone

Most of us can remember an inspiring teacher or a person in our lives who inspired us when we were young. Teaching transforms lives. Through your motivation and enthusiasm, you can cultivate a desire to learn and be the person who can instigate a lifelong passion for a subject, or help them find their self-belief. Read some of our teachers' memorable moments here.

Warwick teacher in a primary school setting1. You'll make a difference

So many of our graduates say that this is what motivates them. Every day at work is valuable; you're helping the next generations to develop skills and attributes that will lead them through their education and into promising careers. You'll nurture creativity, and discovery and help to develop inquiring minds.

Being fulfilled in your career gives you a deep sense of pride and satisfaction. When you see a student have a “light-bulb moment” - where they finally grasp an understanding of something, because of your efforts - you'll know it’s all been worthwhile.

Ready to get going? Read more about our PGCE courses.

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