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Nicky, Marketing and Communications Officer, University of Warwick

Nicky GinnsWhat's your current job?

I work at the University of Warwick in the marketing team, where I write and project manage the undergraduate and postgraduate prospectus, advising academic departments of the most effective way to communicate with prospective students. I also work on other marketing communications publications for Warwick, and contribute to national and international advertising campaigns.

The key skill needed in my role is to retain creativity while juggling lots of different tasks because I work to tight deadlines and on multiple projects simultaneously. I also need tact, diplomacy and conviction in order to influence senior decision-makers, both within academic circles and within the central University administration.

I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to use my creativity and to communicate with many different groups of people, but particularly with young people who are considering applying to Warwick.

What led you to this career?

When I first graduated following my PGCE, I went straight into a primary teaching role in a local independent school. There I gained experience of teaching in Years 3 and 4. After two years, I moved to a girls' school in Solihull, as the commute was much shorter. I took on subject responsibility for Maths and continued to teach in the same year groups. While I loved the teaching and enjoyed coming up with new ideas for how I could communicate the concepts I was teaching, I soon realised that the job wasn't quite the right fit for me.

However, I was keen to remain in the education industry and to have the opportunity to use my writing skills again - before doing my PGCE I wrote and edited corporate magazines. Having studied at Warwick and seen what great opportunities it had opened up for me professionally, I applied for the role overseeing the prospectus.

I think it's important not to see PGCE as limiting your career path to teaching. If anything, my time at Warwick with Centre for Teacher Education expanded my employment opportunities, equipping me with the skills needed to work in another area of education that's equally demanding and rewarding.

What was the best thing about teaching?

A parent at parents' evening told me that his daughter said I was 'exactly like Miss Honey' from Matilda. I couldn't ask for a greater compliment!