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Jeanie Davies

Jeanie Davies photo - woman with blonde, shoulder-length hair wearning a dark blue top and trousers and smiling at the camera

Presenter affiliation(s)/organisation(s):

LCC Consultancy, Schoolgenie, Oasis Academies

Jeanie Davies has worked in education for nearly two decades in the guise of teacher, school senior leader, coach, leadership development and teacher training at TeachFirst. She has run her own consultancy for the past six years, working closely with Oasis Academies specialising in coaching, culture change, team building and school improvement, and promotes a trust-based approach to school leadership. Her book, The Trust Revolution in Schools, published with Routledge in 2020, is the culmination of her work and Masters research at Warwick. It has been described as a blueprint for those school leaders, teachers and thinkers who want to create a humane, rich, healthy environment where collaboration, creativity and excellence in teaching and learning can flourish.

Jeanie has recently co-founded Schoolgenie CiC which looks to bring trust and wellbeing to the heart of schools by training staff to become Genies to catalyse change.

Session title:

The trust revolution in schools

Abstract/brief summary:

Teachers are some of the kindest, most altruistic and smartest people on the planet yet despite the best of intentions, fearful atmospheres can arise organically within schools, leaving people feeling disempowered, anxious, isolated and frustrated. Why is this? What are the impacts? And, crucially, how do we resolve it?

Ofsted, accountability, funding, workload and societal difficulties have led to a response in many schools that is fear based, generating staff cultures that affect teacher wellbeing and are leading to large numbers leaving the profession. This impacts not only staff morale and wellbeing but also has a highly detrimental effect on teacher performance and the outcomes for pupils and students. This research examines what underpins these patterns and sets out a practical model for embedding a trust-based culture in all schools.


Supplementary resources:

The trust revolution in schools.pdf