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Jen Rowan-Lancaster

Jen Rowan-Lancaster photo - woman with black hair wearing a white top with birds on it

Presenter affiliation(s)/organisation(s):

CTE, Warwick

Session title:

Teaching LGBTUA+ content in schools: an ethnographic approach

Abstract/brief summary:

During the first half of this session I will share some highlights from my EdD research which explores trainee teachers’ fears in relation to teaching LGBTUA+ content. The aim here is to share some of the concerns that trainee teachers felt and some solutions to these problems. In the second half of the session, I will discuss my research design in detail. This session is useful for those of you considering future qualitative research, maybe through your Masters or other routes. Ethnography is an interesting and personal research design and might suit those of you more inclined to research people’s stories, histories and attitudes.


Supplementary resources:

Teaching LGBTUA+ content in schools: an ethnographic approach.pptx