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Wed, Nov 21, '18
Teaching & Learning Seminar - Sophie Reissner-Roubicek (Warwick)

Understanding interactional patterns, preferences, and styles: Putting intercultural communication theory into your practice

In this talk, I’ll firstly pinpoint the key dimensions of culture that are considered to influence our communication (and) behaviour at individual and group levels. We’ll focus on the areas that offer the most useful insights for the academic workplace (including teaching, facilitation, and supervision) and look at some of the resources developed with funding from IATL and WIHEA. These research-based training materials also push participants to reflect on their orientation to the culture of learning and we’ll consider how this impacts on the interactions between students and between students and staff.

About the speaker

Sophie is a Principal Teaching Fellow at the Department of Applied Linguistics at Warwick. She designs and delivers blended intercultural training for professionals and students across disciplines and internationally. Sophie is part of the Applied Linguistic team working with the Office for Global Engagement to develop students' intercultural competence, and academic lead in Monash-Warwick Alliance project researching the implementation of their GoGlobal Study Abroad Intercultural Training.

Buffet lunch will be available

Seminar Organiser: Stefania Paredes Fuentes

Wed, Feb 6, '19
Teaching & Learning Seminar - Lara Alcock (Loughborough)

Seminar Organiser: Stefania Paredes Fuentes

Tilting the Classroom: Engaging Students in Large Lectures

There is much discussion currently about flipping the classroom or otherwise making dramatic adjustments to teaching. But for most lecturers, especially those with large classes, this is not practical. My view is that lectures are not inherently bad, and that that there are numerous ways to make them more engaging without dramatic changes. This talk will be about 18 approaches that I use - these work well together, but each can be implemented independently so they can be tried out according to personal taste. There will be lots of examples and some light-touch discussion of how this approach relates to evidence from psychological research on learning.

Wed, May 8, '19
Teaching & Learning Seminar - Parama Chaudhury (UCL)

Seminar organiser: Stefania Paredes Fuentes

Title and time to be confirmed.