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Wed 6 Feb, '19
Teaching & Learning Seminar - Lara Alcock (Loughborough)

Seminar Organiser: Stefania Paredes Fuentes

Tilting the Classroom: Engaging Students in Large Lectures

There is much discussion currently about flipping the classroom or otherwise making dramatic adjustments to teaching. But for most lecturers, especially those with large classes, this is not practical. My view is that lectures are not inherently bad, and that that there are numerous ways to make them more engaging without dramatic changes. This talk will be about 18 approaches that I use - these work well together, but each can be implemented independently so they can be tried out according to personal taste. There will be lots of examples and some light-touch discussion of how this approach relates to evidence from psychological research on learning.

Thu 28 Feb, '19
T&L Seminar: Christian Spielmann (Bristol) S2.77

Christian is Reader of Economics Education at Bristol and Senior Associate of the Economics Network. In his previous position at UCL, he was Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics, and he has worked on the CORE project with Wendy Carlin. In fact, Christian will talk about his experience teaching CORE at UCL first and now at Bristol (Warwick will adopt CORE from the next academic year for EC107).

Wed 8 May, '19
Teaching & Learning Seminar - Parama Chaudhury (UCL)

Seminar organiser: Stefania Paredes Fuentes

Title and time to be confirmed.