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Research Impact

Research Impact

Our research seeks to generate knowledge that can be used to strengthen economies and benefit societies around the world. From migration and trade to international development and understanding the risks of financial crisis, we address some of the most pressing issues of our time and provide recommendations to policymakers and other stakeholders.

Our academics collaborate with organisations including the Bank of England, international and local governments, think tanks and NGOs. They are sought-after in public service roles, regularly providing advice to parliamentary committees and serving on governnment advisory boards.

Find out below how our research has made a difference to the economy and society in the UK and beyond.

Well-being and public policy

Professor Andrew Oswald's work over two decades has changed how governments understand and measure societal progress, embedding well-being as a central aim of policymaking.

Tackling tax evasion

Following Dr Arun Advani's research into tax compliance, the Government provided HMRC with the resources to employ 1,300 additional auditors, expected to generate billions in extra tax revenue.

Reforming event ticketing

Professor Mike Waterson’s government-commissioned report reformed event-ticketing practices, protecting consumers from being exploited by the re-sale of tickets at inflated prices.

Using nudges to improve tax compliance in Belgium

Dr Clement Imbert and colleagues used insights from nudge theory to help the Belgian Tax Authority change the way it communicates with taxpayers, leading to increased tax compliance.

Widening access to higher education

Research by Dr Claire Crawford has been central to policy development and debate on improving fair access to higher education, helping to make admissions processes more inclusive.

The costs of childbearing

Work by Professor Vera Troegar explored how maternity leave provisions at higher education institutions affect the careers of female academics, leading to improved maternity policies at the Universities of Warwick and Exeter.

Our coronavirus research and commentary

Explore how our researchers have engaged with economic and social issues raised by the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus research