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Our History

The Department of Economics began nearly 50 years ago and was created at the same time as a new institution of higher education called the University of Warwick came into being.

Together, they made the leap from idea to reality on the muddy fields of Coventry in the mid-1960s. In 1964, founder J.R. “Dick” Sargent created a Department with the first few professors and graduate students, and, in 1965, the first undergraduate students joined them.

Sargent approached the task of creating Warwick Economics with bold, specific goals in mind. He envisioned a department, not the college-style of campus organization that was a popular trend at the time. And he envisioned a department that would use, and train its students to use, the critical mathematical tools needed for analysis of complex economic issues – a legacy that continues to the present day.

Professor Abhinay Muthoo

Head of Department 2008-2016


Professor J.R. "Dick" Sargent founded the Department of Economics in 1964.

Read his recollections of the foundings of the Department, including video interviews and research papers.

Heads of Department

Find out about each of the Heads of Department from the founding year, right through to present day.


A historic timeline looking back at important dates throughout the years since the founding of the Department.

50th Anniversary

2015 marked the 50th year of the Department of Economics at Warwick.

Found out how we celebrated our 50th anniversary.