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The impact of the Covid-19 restrictions and socio-economic effects of the pandemic on the careers of the Futuretrack cohort

We applied to the Nuffield Foundation for a small amount of supplementary funding to enable us the carry out what we are referring to as the Covid-19 codicil research, so that we can update our Stage 5 findings and reflect on the impact of the radically-changed employment context on this very well documented and previously-challenged cohort. At Stage 5, the majority of respondents had overcome the initial misfortunate of graduating into a very difficult post-recession labour market and reported satisfaction with the way their careers and lives were developing, mainly well-established in their chosen fields of employment or self-employment. The respondents who have remained in the longitudinal survey are skewed towards those who have been relatively successfully, academically and in terms of career development, although the full spectrum of graduate outcomes is represented. The Covid-19 codicil research will encompass a very short Online Enquiry questionnaire, followed by a slightly longer Stage 6 15-minute questionnaire sent out during December, and a very small number of detailed telephone interviews with respondents whose experiences illustrate different types of Covid-19 impact.

The findings of the Stage 5 report and the Covid-19 Codicil and Stage 6 research will have important policy implications for government, employers, higher education providers, careers advisers and most of all, for graduates and those planning to enter higher education in the future.