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Using and evaluating careers information

In this final section of Module 1, we focus on how to use careers information, in particular how we distinguish between different sources and decide which best suit our purposes in an advice and guidance context. We will evaluate energy and utilities careers information, consider how energy and utilities careers information can be used in practice and which careers resources to use or recommend to those who seek our help.

Finally, you have an opportunity to re-visit the test yourself quiz from the first section of the module and evaluate all of Module 1: Getting going with careers information.

In the previous section of Getting going with careers information we focused on sources which told us more about careers in the energy and utilities industries and, in some cases, a broad range of other potential career options. Now we concentrate more closely on sources of careers information that deal primarily with energy and utilities industries and evaluate their effectiveness as careers information tools.

Activity icon As careers influencers it is important we feel familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the resources that we recommend to those who seek our help. Spend some time exploring the following sites, taking into account the features mentioned in the Top sources slidecast. Then, evaluate the sites using the framework on this page: Evaluating sources of careers information about the energy and utilities industries.


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