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STEM Careers Pairs Game

The focus of this game, found in the STEM Choices pack, is new STEM jobs in three growth sectors: computer technology, healthcare and biotechnology. The pack has nine job title cards and corresponding job description cards. Players lay the cards face down at random on the desk in a 6x3 grid. Players take it in turns to turn over two cards. The aim is to find a job title and matching definition. The winner is the player with the most pairs.

For this taster, we have only used 4 job titles and ask you to to drag and drop the correct elements of the job description next to the job title. The correct answers can be found here. Good luck!

  • Knowledge of physical sciences, materials and manufacturing.
  • Knowledge of electronics, computing and understanding of what consumers want.
  • Designs equipment to monitor, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients.
  • Involved in graphics rendering, engine development, etc.
  • Makes the games work.
  • Self-motivated and works in multidisciplinary team of scientists.
  • Specialises in gameplay, artificial intelligence
  • Designs and improves production for nanomaterials.
  • Responsible for infrastructure construction: computer chips, fibre, cable, satellites, etc.
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