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Welcome to STEM Moving on

This second section of the STEM Careers learning module is designed to follow the first, STEM Getting Started. STEM Moving on builds up and develops the knowledge and ideas introduced in STEM Getting Started. It is written for careers professionals and teachers who offer careers education, information, advice and guidance to learners. It should take a minimum of four hours to complete.

STEM Moving On aims to encourage deeper understanding of the STEM agenda, including underpinning research, and ways in which the STEM careers message can be delivered across relevant curriculum subjects, and to colleagues.

These materials will help you to:

  • Understand findings from recent research into learners' attitudes to STEM courses and careers
  • Feel confident about using STEM resources to support learners appropriately
  • Recognise practice that positively addresses equality and opportunity in the context of STEM careers
  • Plan a STEM awareness raising session for colleagues, which will encourage STEM specialist teachers in particular to integrate career learning into the curriculum

This section of the module is divided into four parts, and it is recommended that you work through them in the order they are presented. At the end of the last part there is an opportunity to test yourself on STEM Moving on. Then, if you wish, you can take your knowledge and experience further in the final section, STEM Digging deeper.

Where to start:

  1. What does research on learners’ choice of STEM subjects and careers tell us?
  2. How can we best select and use STEM careers resources?
  3. How can we address equality and diversity in the STEM careers context?
  4. STEM Moving on careers delivery

Turn your learning into action:

  • To help you store and organise your action points, we recommend you download a STEM Careers Personal Action Plan. Use it to note down your responses to some of the reflective questions we ask, and record what you intend to do or investigate as a consequence.

When you have finished:

Need help?:

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