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Factors in improving STEM take-up and achievements

STEM and Careers

A literature review and survey of young people identified the following as important factors in improving take-up and achievement in science and maths:

  • careers information and guidance
  • quality and quantity of school science facilities
  • quality and quantity of science teachers
  • image and interest
  • availability of separate GCSE sciences

Source: Educating the next generation of scientists 2010

The following provides an overview of the critical success factors in the take-up of science and maths by young people at school, which may also point to factors that influence their STEM choices post-compulsory education. Think about how careers information, advice and guidance could influence other areas of young people's educational choices.

Factors in improving take-up and achievement by young people in science and maths

Factors improving take-up of STEM

Source: Educating the Next Generation of Scientists 2010 (page 12)

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