Established in 1968, now with over 1000 students and 70 full-time staff, we have evolved into one of the leading Law Schools in the UK. Our teaching standards and research quality consistently receive high ratings, and we maintain a strong research culture with all staff actively researching in their preferred areas.

Over the last 40 years we have developed a contextual approach to legal education which avoids treating the law as if it can be separated from other aspects of society. Students examine the impact of economic, cultural and political change on law and consider how it affects life beyond the court-room and the lawyer's office, as well as studying legal judgments and statutes.

We also pride ourselves on providing excellent teaching. A significant number of colleagues have received a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence – Dallal Stevens in 2011, James Harrison in 2011, Gary Watt in 2009 and Paul Raffield in 2008; in addition, Philip Kaisary and Jane Bryan received commendations in 2015 and 2014 respectively, and James Harrison received the Butterworth Award for Teaching Excellence in 2011. A number of our postgraduate research students have also received the equivalent award – Tim Dodsworth in 2013 and Adam Slavny (now an Associate Professor) in 2012, with Natalie Byrom being commended in 2014.

A number of colleagues are fellows of the national Higher Education AcademyLink opens in a new window (HEA). The HEA has also awarded National Teaching Fellowships (NFT) to Paul Raffield and Gary Watt in recognition of their outstanding achievements in teaching. Since there are only 500 NTFs across the UK as a whole, and 9 at Warwick, we are proud to host two of them.

We encourage a comparative and international perspective on law which influences our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our staff and student body reflects this perspective, with students from twenty or more countries studying here at any one time, and teaching staff with varied backgrounds and extensive international experience or research interests.