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Visitors Programme

The visitors programme is designed to enable researchers from the UK and internationally to participate in the vibrant intellectual environment of the School of Law and the University of Warwick. We run two distinct visitors programmes: Visiting Doctoral Candidates and Visiting Research Fellow. The duration of your visit can vary from a short stay to a full term.

We will be starting to accept visitors again from October 2021, please do get in touch beforehand as we will be working at a reduced capacity and the Head of Department will have to sign off any applications.

Visiting Research Fellowship

Applicants for the Visiting Research Fellowship will usually hold a full-time academic post at another university or relevant position.

As a Visiting Research Fellow, we anticipate that you will work alongside a hosting member of Warwick Law School. We advise that you work with this member of staff when completing your application. Once appointed, the Law School will endeavor to provide you with a workspace including computer, printing facilities, phone and access to library resources, subject to availability.

Funding is also available for Visiting Fellows (up to £1000 per person), awarded on a competitive basis. This funding may cover your flights, accommodation or other expenses incurred during your visit to Warwick Law School.

Warwick Law School Community

Both Visiting Research Fellows and Visiting Doctoral Fellows are encouraged to play a significant role in the academic life of the school during their visit. Where appropriate, you will be expected to give a staff research seminar, a post-graduate research seminar or participate in the undergraduate or postgraduate teaching programme.

Visiting Doctoral Candidates Programme

Visiting Doctoral Candidates should be part of a PhD program (or at an equivalent level, such as, in the fifth and final year of a Masters) in their home institution.

As a Visiting Doctoral Candidate you will have access to Warwick facilities (such as the library, computer access, etc.) so that you can conduct your PhD research while in residence. Visiting Doctoral Candidates visiting for a period of 10 weeks or less will not be charged a fee. Such applicants should fill out the Visitors Programme application form.

If you wish to visit for a period of greater than 10 weeks (and up to 12 months), a fee of 50% of the full PhD fee, pro rata for the period of the visit will be charged. If you wish to apply, please submit an application via the University’s Postgraduate Admissions online application form.

Apply to join the Programme

For informal enquiries, please contact:

An application form can be downloaded here.

Please submit the application form, along with a full CV, to our research administrator: