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ESLJ Volume 11 - Editorial

As was outlined in the Editorial to Volume 10, from Volume 11 onwards we are operating a new ‘iterative’ publishing policy. What this means is that rather than publishing work in self standing issues as these are ready, we are moving to a more instant approach when work that is accepted for publication will be uploaded and published as soon as the individual piece is ready. We believe that this has a number of advantages, not least in terms of our sections such as Interventions and Multimedia that contain shorter pieces, and which we will be able to publish in a much more timely fashion than was previously the case. Each Volume will therefore be a work in progress during the year, and will be tied together at the end of each year by a further editorial reviewing the developments over the year. In tandem with our new Social Media section we believe that this will make for a really vibrant and dynamic approach.

Volume 11




Pedro Fortes
Mike Hally


Bruce A. Carroll
Sven Preiss
Ian Lawrence


Steve Redhead
Fred Motson