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Security, Borders and International Development Workshop


A copy of the Programme can be downloaded here

Abstracts of Papers can be found here

Thursday, 25 April 2019


Registration (Scarman House Lobby)


Buffet Lunch (Scarman House Restaurant)


Welcome & Introductions


14:15 - 15:45: Session 1: Migration, Security and Justice: Concepts and Critique

  • Liquid Borders: The Concept of Resilience in EU Migration Policies
    Daria Davitti, Faculty of Law, Lund University (Sweden)
  • Putting the ‘Collective’ Back into Collective Security: Overlapping Threats, the Blurring of Boundaries and the Human Security Agenda
    Gary Wilson, School of Law, Liverpool John Moores University (UK)
  • Challenging the Mantra of Irregular Migration in International Development Policies through Legal Mobilisation
    Jeff Handmaker, International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

Chair: : Jayan Nayar, School of Law, University of Warwick (UK)


Coffee Break (Scarman House Lounge)

16:00- 17:30: Session 2: Reshaping International Development and Security

  • The Politics of Security Sector Reform: “Ownership” Between the EU and Tunisia
    Kiri Santer, University of Bern (Switzerland)
  • Migration Management and Development Policy Issue-Linkage in European Union External Relations
    Emily Venturi, UNHCR and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)
  • Sovereignty During Global Humanitarian Health Crises
    Sharifah Sekalala, Law School, University of Warwick (UK)

Chair: Raza Saeed, School of Law, University of Warwick (UK)


Drinks Reception (Scarman House Bar)


Dinner for Chairs and Paper Presenters (Scarman House Restaurant)

Thursday, 25 April 2019

09:00 - 10:30: Session 3: Securitization and Extra-Territorialization: Economic, Social and Political Dimensions

  • The Securitization of Official Development Assistance in Australia
    Likim Ng, College of Law, Australian National University (Australia)
  • Securitized States, Barricaded Borders and Hollow Humanitarianism: The Case of Rohingya Refugees in India
    Mudasir Amin, Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamic University (India)
  • Humanitarian Aid as Border Security: An Analysis of State Contributions for the Support of Refugee Camps Outside Their Territory
    Jinan Bastaki, United Arab Emirates University (UAE)

Chair: Dallal Stevens, School of Law, University of Warwick (UK)


Coffee Break (Scarman House Lounge)

10:45 - 12:00: Session 4: Criminal Justice, Border Controls and International Development 

  • US Crime amd Migration Policies: A Mechanism for Reinforcing Global Inequality
    Yolanda Vazquez, College of Law, University of Cincinnati (USA)
  • EurAfrican Border Security-Building as Pre-Crime Control
    Eva Magdalena Stambøl, Criminology, Aalborg University (Denmark)

Chair: Maja Grundler, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London (UK)


Buffet Lunch (Scarman House Restaurant)

13: 00 - 14: 30: Session 5: Controlling ‘Dangerous’ Mobilities: Intersections of Domestic and Foreign Policy

  • The UK Prison Deal: Implications for State Sovereignty and Citizen Security
    Dacia Leslie and Natalie Dietrich, University of the West Indies (Jamaica)
  • Development Aid and The Externalization of Border Controls
    Ana Aliverti and Celine Tan, Warwick Law School, University of Warwick (UK)
  • Sub Saharan Africa as Extraterritorial Securitization Field for Fortress Europe
    Justice Richard Kwabena Owusu Kyei, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana)

Chair: Satwant Kaur, School of Law, University of Warwick (UK)


Workshop Final Remarks & Wrap Up