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Instructions to add a new entry

  1. Check that the staff member is not already included on this list. If they are, amend the tags to add their new position.
  2. Click add new entry at the bottom of this page
  3. Title: 'Surname, First name'
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  4. Content: Name [Heading 2]. Add hyperlink to normal staff page (if possible).
    Main contact details and email address
  5. Image: upload image and align right
    Click at the start of the name in content and add image.
    Add description for accessibility, select right alignment and click 'insert as a thumb nail' then add 200 pixels wide.
    Portrait photos will display at a maximum width of 200px and/or maximum height of 150px regardless of the source image dimensions.
  6. For social media icons, the best course of action is to copy the html code from another member, paste that into the html for the current member and change the relevant parts.
  7. Click Save.
  8. If in doubt with anything on the profiles' pages, please contact to help you out

    Alessandrini, Donatella

    Professor Donatella Alessandrini

    International Economic Law, International Investment Law, International Trade Law, Labour

    Natile, Serena

    S NatileDr Serena Natile


    Brazil, Digital Technologies, European Union, Financial Inclusion, Gender, International Development Law and Policy, Kenya, Public-Private Partnerships, United Kingdom

    Novitz, Tonia

    T NovitzProfessor Tonia Novitz


    East Asia, European Union, International Trade Law, Labour, Sustainable Development, United Kingdom

    Okonjo, Jeremmy

    Dr Jeremmy Okonjo

    J Okonjo


    European Union, Finance, International Development Law and Policy, International Financial Regulation

    Tan. Celine

    Professor Celine Tan

    Celine Tan


    Aid, Developing Countries, European Union, Finance, International Development Law and Policy, International Trade Law, Italy, Policy Brief, Public-Private Partnerships, Public Procurement, United Kingdom

    Türkelli, Gamze

    G TurkelliDr Gamze Erdem Türkelli



    Development Finance, European Union, Finance, Human Rights

    Yilmaz Vastardis, Anil

    Dr Anil Yilmaz Vastardis

    S Natile


    Corporate Accountability, European Union, International Economic Law, International Institutions, International Investment Law, United Kingdom