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IEL Collective Writing and Publications Workshop

From Researcher to Author:
Converting Research into Publication

IEL Collective Writing and Publications Workshop

 16 – 17 April 2024

Warwick Law School, University of Warwick

Workshop Aims and Objectives 

The IEL Collective provides a space for critical reflection on the law, regulation and governance of the global economy. Our community works to foster epistemological and methodological diversity in the discipline, which we believe can contribute towards the development of a more holistic landscape of scholarship on law and the governance of the global economy.

An important component of our work is to provide platforms to engage with and amplify traditionally marginalised narratives, voices, issues and methodologies in the field, including those of women, ethnic and sexual minorities, Indigenous peoples and communities from the global south. Part of this endeavour is supporting the academic careers and enabling publication ambitions of early career researchers (ECRs) from these traditionally under-represented communities and perspectives.

The conversion of research into publications is a key aspect of an academic career and the first step for many ECRS is the transformation of their doctoral theses into concrete publications, as discrete journal articles or monographs. Increasingly, there is also an interest in publishing research as accessible publications for policy advocacy and public engagement, such as in the form of policy briefs. The conversion of a doctoral dissertation into monographs, journal articles and policy briefs requires significant shifts, substantively and stylistically, and there are several challenges to overcome in this translation.

This workshop, the first under the auspices of the IEL Collective is aimed at bringing together early-career international economic law scholars who are in this transition stage to work together with more experienced colleagues in the field to develop their ideas and writing further, whether in terms of crafting a conversion project or writing drafts of their research for publication. The workshop will be a combination of peer learning, directed and self-directed writing activities and sharing of experiences aimed at ECRs whose work fall within the IEL Collective’s remit.

The workshop will be based on two tracks:monographs and articles. All participants will receive generic training on all aspects of publishing and then focus on their chosen track. Participants will be required to choose a track in advance and follow guidance on these pages to prepare documents for the workshop.

Track 1: Monographs

Participants will be introduced to aspects of publishing monographs with support from senior academics who have experience in publishing and editing monographs and working with academic publishers. Participants will be able to receive guidance and support for: (a) preparing a book proposal for submission to a publisher; (b) develop their thesis into a monograph where they have a book contract in place.

Track 2: Journal Articles

Participants will receive training and support in academic writing for peer-reviewed journals. They will be required to have a working draft ready for peer comment and support from senior academics, including those with experience in journal editorial boards.

This workship is funded by:

Enhancing Research Cultures Fund (ERCF), University of Warwick
Legal Research Institute (LRI), Warwick Law School
Social and Legal Studies