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COVID-19 Urgent Response Call

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on all aspects of society, politics, and daily lives across the globe. RIGG-Net seeks to support research into the novel coronavirus that centres on understanding COVID-19 through the lens of global governance. An immediate priority is here to support research to understand a) how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting on the rules, actors, institutions and dynamics of global governance (broadly defined); b) how global governance rules, actors, institutions and dynamics are affecting global, national and local responses to the pandemic; and c) how local, national and/or regional measures are changing the landscape of global governance.
We have a small pot of funding that can be released to support urgent research requests.
What is funded?
Under this ‘urgent response’ call, RiGG-Net seeks to offer funding for projects that advance interdisciplinary activities in relation to COVID-19 that address the pandemic from the perspective of global governance. We will prioritise funding to support the collection of data relating to the aforementioned priority areas, research to support funding bids and the production of outputs (eg podcasts, policy briefs, etc) based on existing or ongoing research in areas that may be of benefit to local, national and global policy responses to COVID-19 or to enhance public understanding of issues relating to COVID-19.
We will fund, among other things, costs of research assistance required for project activities such as data-collection, the preparation of external funding bids, and the production of output for academic and non-academic end-users. This decision has been made with particular view to the importance of supporting our doctoral students and colleagues on hourly-paid contracts during this on-going crisis:

  • Collective requests to this COVID-19 ‘urgent response’ call should seek to realize the potential of collective and interdisciplinary research endeavours within the remit of RiGG-Net
  • Proposals can be made by interdisciplinary collective groupings led by Warwick-based academics (faculty, postdoctoral and PhD students)
  • We cannot fund individual research trips, conference attendance, or student projects

How to apply?
Please complete the application form and email this in Word format – with including ‘COVID-19’ in the email header - to Sahar Shah at riggnet at warwick dot ac dot uk who will then forward it to the RiGG-Net convenors, Celine Tan (Law) and Alexandra Homolar (PAIS).
We aim for a rapid turnaround on decisions on a first come, first served basis until funds are exhausted. All expenditure must be spent before 31 July 2020.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at the email above.