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The Battle of Algiers

PaIS Film Club and Warwick Political Geography organised a 50th anniversary screening Gillo Pontecorvo's decolonial epic on the Algerian War. A controversial film, it was banned in France during the 1960s and screened by the Pentagon during the Iraq War to inform its counter-insurgency operations. The film was introduced by PaIS Research Associate Lisa Tilleym with the poignant and timely company of Franz Fanon.



Relevant Links:

Podcasts about Algeria's war of indepedence: Part 1, Part 2

Leopold Lambert's: "# MILITARIZED ARCHITECTURES /// Urban Insurgencies: Algiers's Labyrinthine Casbah vs New York's Weaponized Grid Plan"

Excerpts from Tariq Ali’s 1992 programme “The Dictatorship of Truth” in which Edward Said examines the uncompromising film “The Battle of Algiers”


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