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Engaging with non-academic audiences is in the DNA of who we are and what we do: impact is fostered at all career levels within our department. Our core strengths are concentrated in three priority areas where we achieve sustained reach and significance arising from international and interdisciplinary research:

1) Informing and shaping the policy agendas of UK and overseas governments

2) Influencing international policy communities, international organisations (IOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

3) Enhancing international media and public debate. We support depth of engagement with our various audiences by integrating them throughout our research. This facilitates collaboration, the refinement of research design and the co-production of knowledge and output.

If you are looking for research insight in a particular area, or would like to engage with us through our research efforts, find an expert today and get in touch.

(PDF Document) Download our impact brochure*

*Stats and information correct as of May 2013- some figures may have changed since publication

Four RCUK impact awards worth £300,433 have supported our wide-ranging impact activity since 2008:

  • ‘Enhancing Interaction between the Business and Trade Policy Communities’ (ESRC, 2007-8, PI: Higgott)
  • ‘Policy Lessons from the Declassification and Management of US Intelligence and Security Records’ (AHRC, 2011-12, PI: Aldrich, with Moran)
  • ‘Science and Security: Research Impact and the Co-Production of Knowledge’ (ESRC 2013-15, PI: Croft, with Christou, Coaffee, Hassan and Vaughan-Williams)
  • ‘Kenya 2013-2014: From election monitoring to longer-term reform’ (ESRC, 2013-14, PI: Lynch).

A total of 18 members of staff in PAIS engage with 25 think tanks, of which 10 are ranked in the 'Top 50' of the 2012 Go To Think Tank survey demonstrating international influence.